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We are excited to announce that we now offer computerised pattern and grading services.
Some advantages of having your patterns computerised is that files can easily be sent to local cutters for a quicker turn around time.
Also pattern storage is a problem of the past as now instead of taking up rack space files can stored electronically.
If you would like to discuss your needs or how computerised patterns might be an advantage to your business please don't hesitate in contacting us.

This one is a little unrelated, but we just LOVE this new little place in Newtown called Mak Mak.
By far the best Macarons we have ever tasted! You can find out more about them by heading over to their site

A couple of things we love about the city we live in is the art culture and the beautiful beaches,
so combine the 2 and you have a fantastic sea-side exhibition "sculptures by the sea"
on annually in October/November it's well worth checking out.

These are some pink Flamingos made all from paper by the paper expert at Paperform

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