CAD grading

CAD grading


Quality CAD pattern grading service

Grading your patterns with CAD allows us to save you considerable time when duplicating a pattern into different sizes.

Our attention to detail and up-to-date knowledge on the industry standards ensure your designs maintain perfect style, fit, shape, balance and scale at every size.



What is pattern grading?

Put simply, pattern grading is reproducing your pattern in as many different sizes as you choose for your collection.

This can be done in one of two ways. Before the digitalisation of the fashion industry, pattern makers or even designers themselves would cut each size set separately before shipping them off to the cutters. Plenty of pattern makers still take this approach today and a few designers still prefer this method.

However, being at the forefront of fashion innovation, we already have years of experience in grading patterns using CAD software.


Why use CAD?

CAD helps streamline the process of putting out a collection. In the fast-paced fashion world time is money and we believe in delivering quality patterns to you as quickly as possible.

With competitors nipping at your heels, the time you save working with an experienced CAD pattern maker gives you a competitive advantage.

You can’t fault the accuracy of CAD when it comes to grading patterns. At Scissors Paper Block we go to painstaking lengths to ensure each side seam matches down to 0.1 of a millimetre.


What our clients say

“We have been working with Scissors Paper Block for the past 4 years. Their professionalism is at the highest of standard. I would recommend Scissors Paper Block. We have utilised many of its services and have referred other services to SPB. Their precision in work and punctuality in an industry governed by deadlines is a luxury to any business in the rag trade. We look forward working with SPB for many years to come.”

—Toby Maclean, Designer at Flowers for a Vagabond


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