CAD pattern making

CAD pattern making


Accurate pattern making is crucial for seamless onshore and offshore production. At Scissors Paper Block, we are experts in digital pattern making techniques using Sydney’s top fashion software, Style CAD V9.


Why use computer pattern making?

One of the great frustrations of fashion design is ensuring your creation is brought to life accurately, on time, and on budget.

Each touchpoint before final production is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your design.

By predominantly using advanced CAD pattern making techniques, we ensure an easy stress-free flow on to grading, marker making and cutting.

Using CAD allows us to offer accuracy down to 0.1 of a millimetre, not to mention time efficiency and fully back-up designs.


Enjoy the efficiency that CAD’s versatility offers

It’s simple, quick, and cheap to email CAD format designs to cutters and manufacturers by email, both locally and offshore. No more costly delays.

We’re happy to email your patterns directly to one of the top local cutters in our network for you. But if you prefer, we’ll print your patterns on wide format paper to take to your sample maker.

We can also print off markers ready for a cutter that doesn't have the same program.

Whatever your process, we’ll work with you to ensure timely and accurate delivery.


More reasons to choose our CAD fashion pattern making service

  • Enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted production chain that simplifies what can be a tedious process.
  • Your pattern is safely backed up and emailed to you for your future use, no need to worry about lost cardboard patterns.
  • Free up your precious design studio space where all those carded patterns used to hang!

Senior pattern maker Chelsea is renowned for her professionalism and industry experience. She never outsources any part of her work, giving you the peace of mind that comes from working with an industry leader.


What our clients say

“Scissors Paper Block and Pfeiffer have been collaborating for the last 4 years. Chelsea's attention to detail and her experience in pattern making means we get to our desired look and fit faster. Chelsea brings her knowledge of fabrication, make and pattern making and production to our business and it helps that she understands our brand and our fitting style.”

—Virginie Pepin, Designer & Co-Founder of STUDIO PFEIFFER


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