Starting out in the fashion industry can be overwhelming and challenging. Having the passion and inspiration to design stunning garments isn’t enough. You need the knowledge and network of quality service providers to bring them to life.

The design process is a collaborative one and you’ll be expected to work closely with pattern makers, cutters, sample makers and manufacturers.

Unfortunately, many people in the industry don’t have the time, patience or desire to help fledgling designers. And without guidance, you could easily fall prey to poor-quality service providers who don’t respect your collection.


A trusted consultant makes the world of difference

Chelsea Manca started Scissors Paper Block over a decade ago with the resolve to help all designers achieve their dream collection, regardless of experience.

Her strategic consultations are invaluable to anyone starting in the industry.

Even if you haven’t studied design or have much of a background in fashion, Chelsea will sit with you to understand your vision and then bring it to life with her exceptional pattern making skills.

You don’t need a fully documented design to start creating.

It’s not uncommon to work from rough sketches, existing garments, photo references, or a combination of all three. If the design exists in your head and you can convey it somehow then that is enough.

Even seasoned designers choose Scissors Paper Block for Chelsea’s experience and guidance.


What our clients say

“I have always relied heavily on Chelsea for her very sage and creative input in how to better my designs. She is such an important part of my design and manufacturing process.”

⁠—Ruby Crossland, Kooky Creations


“Chelsea has been an integral part of the growing success of my business. Not only is she extremely professional and approachable, but her ability to take an idea and turn it into a workable pattern is an absolute credit to her. I really look to Chelsea as a mentor in this industry and truly value her advice and support.”



Get the best chance of success with these consultation services:

  • Preliminary strategy session to understand your label and define your goals and vision.
  • Ongoing face-to-face support for transforming your ideas into functional patterns.
  • Practical advice on what will work and what won’t.
  • A thorough investigation into the best fabric choices for your designs and where to source them.
  • Strategies for sourcing and dealing with cutters. Find out the right questions to ask and get recommendations on a cutter that’s suitable for your product and fabric selection.
  • Uncover the best sample makers and manufacturers in Australia.

From initial concept through to the fitting stage and finally production, Chelsea’s strategic consultations keep your collection on track, with an exceptional final result.


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