Create a bespoke size chart

Create a bespoke size chart

Create a bespoke size chart


Size chart development is needed if your label requires sizing that varies from the standard clothing sizes or grade increments.

Most patterns are made to an industry-wide standard. This is done so that people know what to expect when they pluck a garment off the rack. You’ll often hear people refer to themselves as a size 8,10 or 12, for example.

However, people come in all different shapes and sizes and there are plenty of successful labels catering to this demand.

For a collection to be successful there needs to be consistency between the different sizes. This is why creating an accurate size chart is so important.

You’ll need to create a bespoke size chart if:

  • You’re in a niche market that’s not the ordinary size.
  • Have a specialised line for tall, plus size, mature, tween or petite consumers.

The process of creating a size chart

Creating a size chart is the precursor to making a pattern. It sets your designs up for success by having clearly defined sizes. If you’re making custom-sized garments, your process needs to take into account certain important considerations.


As niche markets tend to have more detail, your size chart may have to include extra specifications beyond bust, waist and hip. You may also require inner and outer leg, arm length and/or neck size for example.


The base pattern will be made according to the specifications of your size chart, but when it comes to grading the increments may also have to be customised.

For example, if you’re catering to tall people the length may have to increase at a greater rate than the width for bigger sizes. For plus size, the opposite may be true.


You’ll need to find a fit model that we can try the developed size on. Ensuring the design is comfortable, practical, and looks good on your target market is integral to your label’s success.


Creating a size chart is a specialised service. The need to understand the end product you have in mind can’t be overstated.

When you create a size chart with Scissors Paper Block, our senior pattern maker Chelsea oversees the entire pattern-making process to ensure your vision is brought to life.

Once your size chart has been developed it’s yours to keep for future collections.


What our clients say

“Chelsea (Scissors Paper Block) has been a crucial element of our business. Her craftsmanship and professionalism enable our designs to become a reality. Chelsea has been able to perfect garment fits creating consistency throughout our collections. Chelsea’s quality and commitment to work is a testament to her abilities, which makes her one of the most sought-after pattern makers in the industry.”

—Stanzee, S T A N Z E E


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