Expert pattern digitisation service for leading designers

Our pattern digitising service involves replicating a cardboard or paper pattern in Style CAD V9.

This solves a multitude of challenges for designers including when:

  • Your chosen sample maker requires cardboard patterns, but your cutter prefers to work digitally.
  • You have a historical pattern you wish to size using CAD grading techniques.
  • You simply want to get with the times and bring your historical patterns into the 21st century.

Digitising your patterns opens up a whole new world for your business. It gives you the flexibility to work with anyone, anywhere. 

We can email your digital patterns to cutters, or send you a PDF to print and take with you.

In a competitive industry like fashion, you need to be adaptable to survive. Let us help you.


Get more out of your fabric.

As a designer, all your resources are precious. The more economical you can be with the production process, the more lucrative your business can be.

Digitising your pattern saves you time in the marking process as computer programs can quickly lay out the pattern pieces in the most economical way.

Gone are the days of laying out the pieces in various formats until you solve that tedious jigsaw puzzle.

Any fabric waste can certainly add up, especially if it’s expensive material or you’re producing a lot. Digitising helps you get the most out of your materials.


Are your patterns taking up precious studio space?

No one likes to throw out patterns. They are a critical part of your process and you may use them for years to come, even if they’re no longer in production right now.

But they certainly add up to a lot of space over the years. Space that costs you money.

Digitising your patterns allows you to reclaim your studio without losing a life’s work.

Even better, your digital records can survive should the unthinkable happen and your studio be damaged in any way.

Digitising is a safe, cost-effective way of storing patterns.


What our clients say

“Chelsea has been amazing to work with, she has made it possible for me to bring my designs to life through her knowledge and experience in pattern making. Even after relocating my company interstate we are able to continue our business relationship with ease.”

— Prue, Jeuje Clothing


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