manual grading

manual grading

Quality manual pattern grading service

Traditionally all grading of patterns was done manually on paper or cardboard. However, the digital era has disrupted the fashion industry and provided designers with great efficiencies.

Designs can now be adapted into different sizes using a computer program, Style CAD, a service that we provide to most of our clients.

At Scissor Paper Block, we provide comprehensive pattern making services including traditional manual grading methods.

This gives you the flexibility to work the way you want and with any other industry professionals, who may not have access to CAD.


When is a manual grading service the right choice for me?

Manual pattern grading may be the right choice for you and your business if:

  • You are operating on a small boutique scale and intend to cut the fabric yourself.
  • You use precious and/or vintage fabrics that need to be carefully placed to ensure there’s no unnecessary waste.
  • You like to be able to make tweaks to the design within your own studio.
  • Other services providers, such as your cutters, don’t use CAD and require a cardboard pattern.

Quite often designers opt for manual grading, as it will save cost somewhere else along the production line. While we can’t control what other service providers charge you, we are familiar with the industry and its standard costs and practices.

If you are unsure whether CAD or manual grading is the right choice for you, we’d be happy to discuss your process to find the right solution.


What to expect

Manual pattern grading is a labour intensive process. If you choose this option, you’ll need to allow for the extra time and budget the service requires.

While a program like CAD can give very accurate results, clients choose Scissor Paper Block because they trust senior pattern maker Chelsea’s eye for detail.

She is solely responsible for the patterns that leave her workshop and never outsources work.


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