manual pattern making

manual pattern making


What is manual pattern making?

The manual method of making patterns involves drafting each panel onto cardboard before cutting by hand. Each of these panels is then placed over the material the garment will be made from and cut again.


Is manual pattern making the right choice for you?

When deciding whether manual or CAD pattern making services are right for your design it’s important to consider how you plan to use them. While you might be tempted to think that digital always equals better, the beauty and art of manual pattern making is still very much alive and relevant in today’s fashion world.

Consider the nascent stages of a design. Part of your process may well require input from you or your client as the garment and creative project evolves.

The last thing you want is to have your vision stifled by a digitised pattern that you are not able to make changes to as you work though your design process.

Ultimately, quality will not be dictated by the type of pattern making but by the skill of the pattern maker. With over 15 years of experience drafting and cutting manual patterns and guarantee the same level of precision you can expect from a CAD pattern.


When do we typically recommend the manual method?

If you’re someone who likes to be quite involved in the making process then a manual pattern is for you. Having a cardboard pattern available means you are able to cut and personalise your patterns to your client as you work.

There are many instances where you may begin with a manual method of pattern making before switching to CAD. We are experts in both methods of pattern making and can advise you on the suitability of each for your design.


What our clients say

“Chelsea (Scissors Paper Block) has been a crucial element to our business. Her craftsmanship and professionalism enable our designs to become a reality. Chelsea has been able to perfect garment fits creating consistency throughout our collections. Chelsea’s quality and commitment to work is a testament to her abilities, which makes her one of the most sought-after pattern makers in the industry.”

—Stanzee, S T A N Z E E


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